GTA 6 Teaser Discovered in New GTA Online Trailer

A GTA 6 teaser has been seemingly discovered by Grand Theft Auto fans in the latest GTA Online [...]

A GTA 6 teaser has been seemingly discovered by Grand Theft Auto fans in the latest GTA Online teaser trailer. Last week, Rockstar Games revealed The Cayo Perico Heist, the game's next and biggest-ever update that packs not just a new heist, but the first-ever map expansion and a divisive new gameplay feature. It was a big week for GTA Online players, and a frustrating and disappointing week for those looking forward to GTA 6, which Rockstar Games continues to say nothing about. That said, in classic Rockstar fashion, it appears there's a subtle and cheeky nod and wink at GTA 6 in the teaser trailer for the new GTA Online update.

If you look closely at the aforementioned teaser trailer, it features strange coordinates. Most, including myself, either missed this or thought nothing of it. However, some GTA fans took these coordinates and plugged them into Google Maps. And where do they bring you? To a random street in Virginia, United States. Why is that noteworthy? Because the street's shape is "VI."

Could this be a coincidence? Sure, but it's also virtually a mathematically impossibility. In other words, this is certainly a deliberate nod and wink, though it appears to be nothing more than that. Some fans have speculated this could be a setting tease, but that seems unlikely. Could the game be primarily set in Washington D.C. with a rural Virginia comprising the outskirts? Sure, but all of the rumors and leaks have pointed towards a more tropical setting.

That said, while this doesn't seem to be a setting tease, it does appear to be an Easter Egg and Rockstar Games' first real acknowledgment of GTA 6.

For now, take all of this with a grain of salt given that it's laced with speculation. Coincidences happen, but this would be a pretty mighty big coincidence if it's just that.

GTA 6 has not been officially announced, but it's believed to be in development for PS5 and Xbox Series X. For more coverage on the rumored game -- including all of the latest rumors, reports, and leaks -- click here.