GTA Online Is Giving Every Player $2 Million for Free

Rockstar Games is currently giving away $2 million of in-game money to GTA Online players. It doesn't matter what platform you're on -- PS4, Xbox One, or PC -- Rockstar wants to give you free in-game money to spend on dumb stuff for your character. According to Rockstar Games, this is the biggest cash giveaway for the game yet, and it's being done as a giant thank you to the game's community that helped the title have a record-breaking holiday season in terms of players.

So, between January 30 and February 5, every single GTA Online player will be given $1 million dollars of in-game money. And then between February 6 and February 13, Rockstar Games will be giving out another million. And all you have to do is play. That's it. It's literally as simple as logging into the game. That said, make sure to claim your first wave of free money before the end of February 5, otherwise you will miss out on it and only get a measly one million of free in-game money.


Once you log-in and play, the free cash will be deposited in your Maze Bank account within 72 hours of playing. Now, at the moment of publishing, there's been numerous players reporting that they aren't receiving their amount, and for now, it's unclear why this is happening. Further, Rockstar Games hasn't commented on the reported issue.

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