New GTA Online Halloween Update Has Aliens, Free Items, and Double Rewards

If last week’s GTA Online update was a precursor to the Halloween content, this week’s update is the real deal with a bunch of spooky discounts, themed game modes, and extra rewards for players to take part in. The notes for the update were revealed this week to detail the contents of Halloween Part Two which look somewhat familiar to what we saw in the previous week but also added some new incentives for players. As always, there are a bunch of extra rewards and discounts to take advantage of before they’re swapped out next week for new ones.

A number of different game modes are paying out more than usual this week for players to get the most out of the update. The Alien Survivals mode is one of them and is paying out double the rewards along with a new alien-themed Business Battle. If you get tired of that mode and want to play something not so closely tied to Halloween content, the rest of the Business Battles are still giving out double the rewards as well. If you manage to win any of the Event Business Battles, you’ll get a free Cultstoppers Tee shirt for you troubles.

Those who played in last week’s update will recall that some more Halloween modes were giving out double the rewards. The modes that gave those out are the Halloween Bunker Series, Slasher, Slashers, Lost vs. Damned, Condemned, Come Out to Play and Beast vs. Slasher games, and they’re all sticking around this week to distribute twice the rewards again.

Some of last week’s free items returned as well. By playing GTA Online at any point this week before the next update drops, you can get the Butchery and Other Hobbies Tee, the Knife After Dark Tee, and the Orange Dot Tech Mask added to your collections at no cost. While you pop in to get those rewards, be sure to head to the Diamond Casino & Resort to make sure you use your free spin on the Lucky Wheel. The grand prize this week is the Albany Fränken Stange vehicle which perfectly aligns with the Halloween theme.


As for the discounts available this week, you can find all those listed below.

GTA Online Halloween Update Discounts

  • MTL Nightmare Cerberus – 50% Off
  • Declasse Nightmare Brutus – 50% Off
  • HVY Nightmare Scarab – 50% Off
  • Vapid Nightmare Imperator – 50% Off
  • Facilities – 40% Off
    • Paleto Bay
    • Mount Gordo
    • Sandy Shores
    • Zancudo River
    • Grand Senora Desert
    • Lago Zancudo
    • Route 68
    • RON Alternates Wind Farm
    • Land Act Reservoir
  • Facility Modifications/Add-Ons – 25% Off
    • Style
    • Graphics
    • Orbital Cannon
    • Security Room
    • Lounge
    • Sleeping Quarters
  • Vehicles – 30% Off
    • Albany Lurcher
    • Chariot Romero Hearse
    • LCC Sanctus
  • Arena Nightmare Upgrades – 50% Off
    • MTL Nightmare Cerberus
    • Declasse Nightmare Brutus
    • HVY Nightmare Scarab
    • Vapid Nightmare Imperator
    • Annis Nightmare ZR380