GTA Online Reveals New Nightclub Coming With Next Update

GTA Online is getting a major new update later this month, and it will add a brand-new nightclub to the game. When it opens, The Music Locker will be found underneath the Diamond Casino and Resort. According to Rockstar Games, the club will be open to all players, but those that own a penthouse at the casino will be able to access a special VIP section in the club. Once there, visitors can expect to hear music from artists Moodymann, Keinemusik, and Palms Trax. It certainly sounds like it will be an exciting new destination for players to check out!

A teaser for the new club can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

In addition to The Music Locker, GTA Online's upcoming update will allow players to visit Cayo Perico, a new island that's being added to the game. Details remain slim at this time, but apparently Cayo Perico will give players the chance to participate in an all-new heist. Fans can also expect to hear new radio stations, as well.

Rockstar Games seems to be putting quite a bit of effort into improving both of its major online games, of late. In addition to GTA Online, a number of changes have recently been made to Red Dead Online, including the addition of a standalone version of the game. Clearly, Rockstar still sees a lot of potential for both games to grow and expand their audiences! With the next-gen release for Grand Theft Auto V likely still some time away, and no news on Grand Theft Auto VI, fans will simply have to make do with GTA Online, for now! Hopefully, the game will continue to get strong support over the coming months.


The Music Locker will open in GTA Online on December 15th. The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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