GTA Online Update Gives Out Double Arena War Rewards and More Bonuses

This week’s GTA Online update is a pretty quiet one, but it’s got some welcome bonuses for [...]

This week's GTA Online update is a pretty quiet one, but it's got some welcome bonuses for players who are interested in the game's Arena War modes. Rockstar Games detailed the changes included in this week's update and said that players participating in the Arena War Series can look forward to getting twice the rewards for the next week. Those rewards include the typical GTA$ and RP prizes to be earned through doing pretty much anything but also include double the Arena Points earned from participating in the Arena War modes.

The double rewards in the Arena War modes were the primary bonus of this week's update highlighted in Rockstar's post breaking down its contents. All game modes within the Arena War Series will benefit from the double rewards, but the offer only lasts for the next week.

"Put on your spikiest outfit, fill your lungs with a cocktail of noxious fumes and enjoy the rocket's red glare at Maze Bank Arena's hottest ticket: the Arena War Series is paying back double rewards (that's GTA$, RP, and Arena Points) to all competitors across all game modes — from Bomb Ball to Wreck It and everything in between," Rockstar Games said about the update. "Turn that engine's purr into the roar of an apex predator."

For those who own an Arena Workshop, you can also add the Vertical Jump ability to any of your Arena vehicles, but like the double rewards, that offer is only live for a week. All of the featured discounts this week are centered around the Arena as well with things like 40% off Arena Workshops, Upgrades, and Modifications live along with similar Arena-focused discounts.

Continuing the focus on vehicles outside of the Arena War series, this week's update is also offering double the rewards in the Rhino Hunt mode. Special Vehicle Work missions will similarly earn players twice the GTA$ and RP from now until March 24th.

GTA Online's weekly update is now live across all platforms.