Halo Infinite Team Shows Off Campaign Co-Op Gameplay

Following talks about Halo Infinite's co-op campaign beta, that test is finally underway now to give people a shot at playing the game's story through with others. It's being tested as part of a Halo Infinite flight similar to how pretty much every other new feature in the past has been tested, but for those who weren't able to get into the flight for whatever reason, developer 343 Industries also shared a hands-on preview of the new co-op feature to show what it'll look like and what's changed since the last time this feature was implemented in a Halo game.

You can see the preview for the new Halo feature start around the 10:30 point in the video below, and as you might've expected, the co-op Halo experience hasn't changed a great deal over the years. You still team up with whoever else you want to play with and hop into the game whereupon you'll see them in there with you with features like friendly fire on or off to govern how the experience plays out.

The devs did point out a couple of notable features included in this co-op campaign flight that'll also be present in the full release. As opposed to how some of the past co-op endeavors have worked in previous Halo games, everyone playing together makes progress themselves instead of others just tagging along for the party leader's campaign and furthering that main player's experience. When using Skulls, these modifiers also pool together based on what each player has earned, so even if you don't own a certain Skull, you all can use it together if someone else has it. The co-op mode also looks for the earliest mission that not everyone has completed to determine a starting point, but be careful about trying to skip through cutscenes you've already seen given that anybody on the team can decide to skip a cutscene for others.

Halo Infinite's co-op campaign flight is in testing now ahead of the long-awaited feature's full release.