New Halo Infinite Leaks Fuel Battle Royale Rumors

Neither Halo Infinite creators 343 Industries nor assisting developer Certain Affinity have confirmed the existence of the game's rumored battle royale mode, but this week, we've seen even more assets surface online that suggest this mode is indeed real and that work is continuing on it. Unreleased assets from the game's UI were shared on social media which showed different playlist options within the "Tatanka" mode that's rumored to be the battle royale-like mode as well as a description which certainly points to a battle royale experience.

HaloHub, a social account aptly named for sharing all things related to Halo, shared the following image this week that showed several different options which were seemingly playlists housed within whatever the Tatanka mode may end up being. We see things like triples and quads playlists which would presumably put players in groups of either three or four as well as some tests for things like a free-for-all mode and something called "3P" which could stand for third-person.

"Tatanka" is the name that's commonly been attached to this rumored battle royale experience which is supposedly going to be pretty big itself, but given that nobody's confirmed what Tatanka actually is, its purpose isn't fully known. However, the description at the bottom of the Tatanka playlist image is a pretty clear reflection of what you'd usually see when reading about a battle royale.

"Welcome to the Ring," the description reads. "Emerge victorious by being the last player standing."

In case that wasn't clear enough, "last player standing" certainly sounds like a battle royale, and rings or something similar are typically used to designate the play area in those modes and to keep players moving. But again, we're still waiting on 343 Industries and Certain Affinity to actually say something about this rumored and leaked mode.

The most recent multiplayer update from the Halo Infinite creators didn't reference anything of this nature but did confirm that a lite version of a battle royale mode was being removed. That mode is the Last Spartan Standing experience added during Season 2 which apparently did not attract enough players to make it worthwhile to stay around.