Halo Infinite Player Recreates Toy Story in Forge Mode

A Halo Infinite player recreated Andy's iconic bedroom from Toy Story with an absurdly impressive level of detail. Toy Story is one of those movies that is burnt into everyone's brains thanks to its beautiful animation and aesthetic, imaginative characters, memorable lines, and more. Andy's room is also a highlight given it was basically a kid's dream bedroom due to its colorful nature, piles of distinct toys, and more. It was a unique place to set a film and it proved to be a huge success for Pixar, allowing the animation studio to pump out a few sequels that would go on to make billions of dollars with ease.

Now, its legacy is continuing in Halo Infinite of all places. As spotted by Kotaku, Forge creator Red Nomster remade Andy's room in Halo Infinite. It is as perfect of a recreation as one could ask for. It has some bases for players to use if they decided to use the map for actual custom game matches, which could make for fascinating games of Big Team Battle. The map features all kinds of staples for Andy's room such as the red lamp that knocks Buzz Lightyear out of the window, Hot Wheels tracks players can slide down, a collapsible Jenga tower, and Toy Story characters such as Slinky and the little green aliens. It's a really inventive use of Forge and only goes to show the potential for the mode once it officially arrives for all players later this year.

Forge mode has been a key piece of the Halo series since the third game and has only evolved with each game. It seems like Halo Infinite's Forge mode could not only be the best version for the series thus far, but also be one of the best map editors in the gaming industry right now. At the moment, Halo Infinite's Forge mode is slated to arrive alongside the co-op campaign this November.

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