Halo Infinite Developer 343 Industries Addresses Worrying Rumors

343 Industries has addressed Halo Infinite delay and cancellation rumors. As you may know, there have been rumors, reports, and "leaks" about Halo Infinite making the rounds this week, and they haven't been good. Some have claimed the game could very well be delayed to 2022. Meanwhile, others have said that the Xbox One version may get chopped in favor of making the title next-gen only.

The rumors garnered so much attention that 343 Industries has decided to address them. More specifically, the game's community manager John Junyszek addressed the pair of rumors, shooting both down in the process.

"We're seeing lots of fake 'leaks' out there, so please don't believe everything you read," said Junyszek. "There are no plans to change our 2021 release or the devices and platforms we'll be supporting. We're building Halo Infinite to be the best it can be on each device/platform."

Of course, fans are elated to see the game will not be slipping to 2022. However, not everyone is excited to hear the Xbox One version is still coming. For those that won't be making the jump to the next generation of console gaming, at least not immediately, this is great news. But those that are making the jump are concerned that the Xbox One version of the game is going to hold back the other versions. Of course, whether or not this will happen, who knows, but there's no denying that Halo Infinite is far from a performance masterclass or visual feast, and this may come down to the technical restraints posed by the Xbox One.


Halo Infinite is set to release worldwide sometime in 2021 via the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.