Halo Season Finale Includes a Shocking Death

The first season of Halo on Paramount+ has concluded with the bombastic release of "Transcendence" on the streaming platform today. While the firefights teased in the trailer for the finale are as wild as they looked in the promo, there's plenty that happened that wasn't already seen in previous footage. That includes, but is not limited to, the shocking death of one of the characters that the series has spent a large amount of time with so far.

Warning: beyond this point, there be spoilers for Halo in general and more specifically the season finale.

In the season finale of Halo, Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) and the rest of the Silver Team ultimately go on something of a suicide mission to stop the Covenant from using the artifacts, which Makee (Charlie Murphy) completes for the aliens by recovering the initial one at the beginning of the finale, in the first incursion by the UNSC into the Covenant's holy place. While initially holding their own and making progress, the Spartans begin to get overwhelmed when Makee reaches out to touch the artifact, blowing a number of Covenant soldiers back and away from John and the rest in what seems to be an attempt to help Master Chief specifically.

As before, this action causes Makee and John to appear in a vision-like state on the eponymous ring installation. While there, Makee essentially begs John to come with her, to abandon humanity, and for the two of them to go on the Great Journey together. Ultimately, this also causes Master Chief and Makee's bodies to freeze up outside of the vision, which is a problem for the rest of Silver Team as Covenant forces close in. Kai (Kate Kennedy), seeing this and knowing that so long as Makee is touching the combined artifact John will remain frozen, shoots and ultimately kills her.

Inside the vision, Makee's abdomen starts to bloom with red, and when her body falls away from the artifact the shared space fades away, bringing John back to reality. He sees what happened and Kai tries to explain, but what's done is done. The last shot of Makee is of her on the ground, lifeless, which seems to indicate that her story is well and truly over in the series.

As noted above, the finale of the Halo television series's first season, "Transcendence," is now available on Paramount+. With that addition, the entire first season is currently available to stream on the subscription service. A second season is already in the works. The series stars Pablo Schreiber as Master ChiefNatascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine HalseyJen Taylor as the voice of Cortana, Yerin Ha as Kwan Ha, Charlie Murphy as Makee, and more. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Halo TV show right here. And you can catch Halo directly on Paramount+ right here.

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