How to Defeat Confoundables in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The time has come, Harry Potter fans! Today, a gift has come early for the fandom as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been released a day ahead of schedule. Fans can now enter the world of witchcraft and wizardry through their phones, but there are some questions lingering about the game.

After all, those dang Confoundables are hard to take down, so we’re here to give you tips on how to free your Foundables.

To start off, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will have fans battle Confoundables one of two ways. Users will either need to tap on a Trace found on the map or enter a Fortress battle. The most common prompt will be a Trace battle, and they go something like this.

harry potter wizards unite
(Photo: Niantic)

After tapping on a Trace, fans will enter a loading screen that brings up the battle. Using AR, fans will be able to use their phone to scan their local environment for various Foundables which prompted the initial Trace. However, these items will be blocked by Confoundables, some sort of barrier preventing fans from nabbing their Foundable.

In order to free the Foundable, fans will first need to locate whatever Confoundable is entrapping it and align a trio of stars on their phone with those over the obstacle. Once that is done, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will ask you to cast a Spell Rune. You will trace the rune as it appears on your phone in the direction its prompts; The quicker and more accurate this is done, the more powerful your spell will be. And yes, you may have to do this several times as Confoundables will fight back.

You will continue fighting like this until one of three things happens: you win, the Confoundable escapes, or you run out of spell energy. The latter can be topped off at Inns around the map, but there is little you can do to keep a Confoundable from running. Always gauge the item’s threat level before pursuing the Trace as it may be above your skill level at the time. But don’t worry too much! Traces appear very regularly, so you will get the chance to confound any lost Confoundables if you keep playing!


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