Heroes of the Storm Won't Receive More Major Updates

Heroes of the Storm players received word on the future of the game this week, and for those looking forward to more content in the future, the update won't be a positive one. Blizzard announced on Friday that it plans to support Heroes of the Storm in he future through balance updates, client-focused changes, and similar methods of upkeep, but the game itself won't be getting anymore content to be purchased by players.

The latest on Heroes of the Storm was shared in a blog post on Blizzard's site following the seventh anniversary of the game. After praising the community and confirming to players that they'll still be able to keep playing the game past this date, Blizzard confirmed its intentions to only maintain Heroes of the Storm as opposed to coming out with major releases.

"Moving forward we will support Heroes in a manner similar to our other longstanding games, StarCraft and StarCraft II," the update from Blizzard said. "In the future, we'll continue seasonal rolls and hero rotations, and while the in-game shop will remain operational there are no plans for new for-purchase content to be added. Future patches will primarily focus on client sustainability and bug fixing, with balance updates coming as needed."

For those who are still playing Heroes of the Storm and plan to stay active for a while longer or until Blizzard eventually decides to call it quits for good, Blizzard said you'll be getting a gift in the next update. Blizzard closed out its post with confirmation of that gift and a "thank you" for players before the game effectively enters its maintenance mode.

"As a token of our appreciation, we are gifting the incredibly rare Epic Arcane Lizard mount to all players with next week's patch," Blizzard said. "To our Heroes community, we say, 'thank you.' You continue to be one of our most passionate communities, we're grateful for your continued dedication and support, and as always, we look forward to seeing you in the Nexus."

The last Heroes of the Storm balance update was released in March, according to the game's site. We'll see more of those in the future based on Blizzard's comments, but there won't be new content.