Hi-Rez Studios Confirms Their Nintendo Switch Presence Coming Soon


It went from a maybe, to a "maybe yes, to a "yes". We'll take it! Hi-Rez Studios, amidst their plethora of Paladins and SMITE announcements today, just clued us in on what could potentially be on the horizon for the company. With a new mobile game announced for Paladins, and a few mystery projects rolling around, it's not that surprising that the team would be looking towards the Nintendo Switch as a potential new home for their brand. Especially not since the Switch was just named the fastest selling console in US history!

Hi-Rez CEO Erez Goren sat down with DualShockers and one notable quote stood out among the rest - a confirmation that the Nintendo Switch would in fact be housing one of their projects; though which one remains to be seen. Could it be something already established? We'd love to see SMITE on the hybrid console. Or is it going to be something new all together? Goren was very cheeky in his response when asked what the future looks like with the Big N, "Maybe… maybe yes… yes. But I'm not saying which game!"

At least we have a yes, we'll take it! This would be huge for the company. MOBAs aren't exactly known for being particularly present in the Nintendo community, so seeing one of their titles on the new system would be amazing! With both Paladins and SMITE broadening their horizons on console, it could be time an even further reach.


As far as other Hi-Rez Studios news goes, you can learn more about their recently announced PUBG-style play coming to the world of Paladins with Paladins: Battlegrounds right here with our previous coverage. There's also a new champion, Moji, and a new Deathmatch Mode confirmed for the next update. There's a lot going on for Hi-Rez, We can't wait to see what comes next.