Hideo Kojima Is Collaborating With NASA

Hideo Kojima has announced that he will be collaborating with NASA and no, we're not joking. Hideo Kojima is one of the most influential names in the gaming industry. He has worked closely with some of the biggest actors out there, earned the respect of great directors like Guillermo del Toro, and has paved the way for the industry with some of the most innovative games out there. He's also a bit eccentric, so to speak, and has made no secret of this through his games. He has some very outlandish concepts and is a bit of a quirky character himself. 

As such, he's getting a rather unique collaboration. Hideo Kojima is known for partnering with some of the most creative minds and brands across the industry hence the talent he has pulled into his projects. Doritos, Monster Energy, Norman Reedus, all cut from the same cloth, of course. His latest collaboration is with some of the most inventive and smartest people in the world: NASA. Yes, Hideo Kojima is working with NASA, but not because he's going to space or doing a game in space. It's for a wristwatch and other merchandise from Anicorn, a company that has worked with NASA on other watches. Hideo Kojima and the space agency are collaborating for a line called Space Ludens, named after Kojima Productions' astronaut-esque mascot, Ludens. The watch has a similar design to Ludens himself with a grey/gold color scheme and very distinct, metallic pieces and notches. Only 600 of these will be made and 100 of them will come with a Ludens mask (which also looks like Die Hardman from Death Stranding). As of right now, no pricing has been announced, but orders will open on September 27th.

As of right now, Kojima Productions is teasing its next project which appears to feature actress Elle Fanning. It's unclear if it's related to his recently announced Xbox game or if it's for Death Stranding 2. It could also be something completely new, but it's a total mystery at the moment.

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