Hideo Kojima Releases Teaser Poster For New Project

Hideo Kojima has released a teaser image for an upcoming project. Hideo Kojima is a very mysterious man who loves ambiguous marketing. For years, he's been pulling all kinds of stunts to draw attention to his games and they always work and become a massive talking point for the industry for a decent amount of time. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was announced with a trailer using a false studio and only the subtitle as the title of the game. The marketing focused exclusively on the game's prologue which sees Snake trying to escape a hospital that is being stormed by unknown forces. It was later revealed to be a new Metal Gear Solid game from Hideo Kojima. There's also the infamous PT demo, which was a secret teaser for a new Silent Hill from Kojima.

Now, he's back to his old ways. Kojima Productions has released a new teaser image for its next project (via Geoff Keighley) and it's as mysterious as you would hope for. It's an image of what appears to be a woman with blonde hair and a darkened face and some text that reads "WHO AM I?" There's also a strange symbol on the poster, though it doesn't seem to be from any of his other works. The text possibly suggests this is someone famous, which isn't a surprise for Kojima. He is a massive lover of cinema and is close friends with lots of big names in Hollywood, allowing him to cast actors like Norman Reedus, Kiefer Sutherland, and others in his games over the years. 

Hideo Kojima noted that he was bringing a VR experience to Tokyo Game Show this week, but it has been confirmed that it's not a new game and just a VR version of the studio's entrance. Kojima also confirmed over the summer that he's working on a game for Xbox, but it may be too soon to expect any news from that game. Either way, it certainly seems like something is on the horizon.

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