Hideo Kojima's Next Game Will Apparently Be Revealed Soon

Kojima Productions, the studio founded by the iconic video game creator Hideo Kojima, released its [...]

Kojima Productions, the studio founded by the iconic video game creator Hideo Kojima, released its first game back in 2019 with Death Stranding. The title was highly-anticipated by many for years as it marked the first project that Kojima had created since leaving Konami back in 2015. And while it may still seem too early to know what Kojima Productions might be cooking up next, it sounds like we could learn what the studio has in store sooner than expected.

In a new conversation with Al Hub, the art director at Kojima Productions, Yoji Shinkawa, shed some light on the next title that the developer is working on. While Shinkawa didn't outright state any specifics of what the game could be in relation to, he did express that it's going to be revealed in the near future. "Well yeah, I am doing something, for sure, and I could tell you probably that we can announce it quite soon," he expressed. When it comes to timetables of when this reveal could happen, however, Shinkawa said nothing more.

News of Kojima Productions revealing its next game less than two years after releasing Death Stranding might seem surprising at face value, but knowing how Kojima himself likes to market his games, it's not all that shocking. With Death Stranding, Kojima Productions became well-known for releasing a number of trailers for the game ahead of release that served as tone pieces for the project. Kojima himself seems to enjoy hyping up his games in this manner long before they release and it stands to reason that he'd like to once again continue this format with whatever his next game turns out to be.

While the identity of the next Kojima Productions game is a question unto itself, additional questions surrounding the title and its potential release are at hand as well. With Death Stranding, the studio partnered with PlayStation to make the game a reality, with the PlayStation 4 being the sole home of the game on consoles. That being said, PlayStation doesn't own Kojima Productions at all, meaning that the studio could look to partner with numerous other publishers in the industry.

Again, there are more questions than answers at this point about what Kojima Productions could do next, but if the studio is really planning to unveil its next game soon, then such a reveal should surely give us a lot to digest.

So do you think Kojima Productions will announce its next game soon? And what would you like to see it create next? Perhaps a sequel to Death Stranding? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.