This Is Definitely, Legally Not a Hideo Kojima Toy

When it comes to the industry's biggest game developers, few are on the same level of recognition of Hideo Kojima. The creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding is an iconic figure in the video game industry, and also one of the most recognizable to fans all around the world. That said, collectible manufacturer Mighty Jaxx has a new "Game Designer" vinyl figure on the way, and it happens to bear a striking resemblance to one specific Game Designer in particular, despite the company's website assuring potential buyers that any resemblance to any actual persons is clearly coincidental. Yeah, right.

Despite the questionable legality, it's a great likeness of "Game Designer," and one that should appeal to the creator's huge fanbase. The sculpt, created by Danil Yad, certainly captures his iconic look. The vinyl figure is even holding "a capsule that acts as an artificial womb that carries a baby in stasis," which might sound familiar to fans of a certain game that released late last year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and may or may not have starred Norman Reedus.

Based in Singapore, Mighty Jaxx creates limited art collectibles, often working with major brands such as DC Comics, MTV, Cartoon Network, and New Balance. However, the company also releases a number of art collectibles that seem to skirt around major brands, such as Disney. An upcoming nude mermaid that just so happens to look like the star of a popular animated film released in 1989 is set for release later this week, and other "adult" depictions of Snow White and Pinocchio have been offered in the past. The latter two figures are currently sold out.

As these are art collectibles, rather than full-fledged toys, the asking price is a bit steep, and will likely only appeal to the most hardcore fans. It's a good thing that the "Game Designer" possibly portrayed as this vinyl figure has a large following, because $179 will likely be a bit too much for most to part with.


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