'Hitman 2' First Elusive Target Is Here, Now Go Kill Sean Bean's Character

We just reviewed Hitman 2 a couple of days ago; and while it’s definitely something that’s best suited to fans of the series, it’s still a lot of fun. Especially when it comes to high profile targets, like the one that the team at IO Interactive just introduced.

The first Elusive Target for the sequel has just gone live, giving you only 14 days to take him out. And this is no easy feat. You’re going up against a former MI5 agent by the name of Mark Faba, going under the nickname “The Undying.” And for good measure, he’s got quite a familiar face, as he’s played by actor Sean Bean.

As with most Elusive Targets, you’ve only got a few more days to jump in and go after Faba. Oh, and you’re going to need to be precise. Because you’ve only got one shot at taking him down. If you miss out, you won’t be able to play the mission again. Maybe ever. So you’ll want to look over your strategies carefully and not jump the gun. After all, one does not simply kill Sean Bean’s character, despite what his movies will tell you.

The trailer for the Elusive Target, which can be seen above, gives you a breakdown of what Faba is all about, who works as a freelance assassin after being “killed” by rival agents more than a dozen times. He knows all the tricks when it comes to the hitman game, making him that much more challenging a target.

Your contact is able to confirm his location -- a meeting spot in Miami where he’s getting a briefing on a potential new target. There is some intel in regards to how to approach the mission, including a potential insertion point and other key notes. However, you’ll still need to plan a strategy in order to get close to Faba. This includes acquiring the right disguise, or smuggling in a sniper rifle to take a shot at him. That said, if you do go to the vantage point, you can probably expect a few security guards to stand in your way.

There’s also another path you can take through a staff entrance, climb in through an elevator shaft, and get access to a weapons room where you can sabotage a number of items, such as a detonator that goes off by accident.


How you approach is completely up to you, but remember, you only have one shot at this. Good luck!

Hitman 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.