Horizon Chase Turbo Hands-On – On The Road Again


Even though most of Sony’s AAA library was notably absent from PlayStation Experience this year, it did give indie games the chance to shine on the show floor, and one game that was a welcome sight to see again was Aquiris’ Horizon Chase Turbo, which will be pulling into garages for PlayStation 4 and PC on 2018.

The game was first seen two years ago at PlayStation Experience in a more primitive form, based on the mobile version of the game. Since then, it kind of vanished, but the developers have brought it back with a vengeance, with a more modified version that works with the PlayStation 4 in mind.

For those that might have missed it, Horizon Chase Turbo is based on the classic 1980’s games, particularly Out Run, as you take part in a number of racing events, picking up fuel and other little power-ups while trying to get a first place victory. Along with mastering turns, you can use turbo boosts to try and get ahead of the competition.

The controls are very basic, but that’s just the way Aquiris wanted it, with solid handling around turns and with general car controls. However, there’s a bit of a challenge when it comes to staying on the road, as you have to pick up gas canisters in order to avoid stopping your ride short, as well as other little power-ups that can give you bonus boosts when you’ll need them the most.

Horizon Chase Turbo is also well implemented when it comes to multiplayer racing action, as you can have up to four people locally take part in an event through split-screen play. While that does make the party a little more crammed than you might expect, it does make for some great fun – probably better than you’d get with online multiplayer, although you can give that a try as well.


You can catch the action in the teaser trailer for the game below. Even if you’re used to more lavish racing games like Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon Chase Turbo is well worth a try – especially if you grew up on the classics of old.

Horizon Chase Turbo releases for PC and PlayStation 4 in 2018.