Horizon Forbidden West Reveals Two New PS5 Screenshots

Guerrilla Games has shared with its fans this week two new screenshots from the upcoming Horizon [...]

Guerrilla Games has shared with its fans this week two new screenshots from the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West game ahead of the sequel's 2021 release. Horizon Zero Dawn was known for its dazzling settings and intricate creature designs among many other praise-worthy features, and the latest screenshots look to capitalize on that reputation by showing off some of the places players will visit in the new game. One of the screenshots shows a downed plane from long before the events of the game surrounded by flying mechanical creatures while the other shows Aloy overlooking a desert with an ominous structure looming in the background.

Those screenshots were shared by Guerrilla Games on Twitter this week and can be seen below. They've got the logos for the game included in them which might not be a problem to some who want to save them, but even if you have to crop the logos out, you'll have yourself a pretty impressive wallpaper for the new game to hold yourself over until we learn more about it.

Along with those screenshots came some more information about the game shared recently to reveal things like settings, what kinds of enemies players will encounter, and more. Sony previously said the game would take place in a "distant land ravaged by massive storms" with that setting more recently described as a "new frontier." Players will encounter everything from beaches to deserts and mountains when playing through the game.

This game is planned for a release on the PlayStation 5, and as such, it'll also leverage the power of the next-gen console to improve parts of the game compared to what was seen and felt in the first title. There will be "virtually" no loading screens, according to the creators, a promising feature that's been touted for numerous next-gen games. This supposedly even encompasses acts like fast-traveling through the map to different areas, though we haven't actually seen this feature in action yet.

Horizon Forbidden West also has a release window to look forward to even if it's a big one. The game is supposed to release some time in 2021, so while you can't expect it to launch right alongside the PlayStation 5 this year, you can expect it to arrive at some point within the next.