Hulu Partners With ESL to Create 4 New Esports Shows


Hulu has announced plans to partner with esports giant ESL to create several new series centered around professional gaming.

Those who are invested in esports are constantly looking for ways to expand their interest and get more out of the growing industry, and TV networks and content producers have taken notice. Hulu isn’t the first to add more esports content to their lineup, but they’re certainly looking to make the most of it by touching on several different areas in the world of competitive games.

“The partnership with Hulu marks ESL’s first original series on an on-demand streaming service, and will showcase the diverse nature of esports through high quality storytelling,” said Nik Adams, senior vice president of global media rights and distribution at ESL. “Esports appeals to a younger, more digitally savvy audience so Hulu is a perfect platform to build out our original content and expose the world of esports to new audiences.”

As far as the content that can be expected from Hulu and ESl, they already have plans for four different series. The shows are currently being called Player V. Player, Bootcamp, Defining Moments, and ESL Replay, and they all look to offer distinctly different experiences.

The first of the shows, Player V. Player, will bring together esports personalities and respected analysts for engaging discussions about popular topics, much like a sports segment that discusses different teams and players. It doesn’t appear to focus on one game in particular, so this show will likely be a one-stop shop for all your diverse esports needs.

Bootcamp is a docu-series that follows The Immortals, a well-known CS:GOteam. The series will provide an inside look into the team and their players as they work to improve their teamwork and head towards esports competitions.


But if you’re looking for esports gameplay, the final two shows are likely for you. Defining Moments is a series that goes into the most significant moments in esports history across different games. The last show that’s been previewed, ESL Replay, is a documentary-style show that recaps the best moments of annual tournaments and provides a different view of the competition than viewers would normally see.

The full announcement can be seen here, but there are no release dates currently set for the shows.