EA Insider Shares Updates on Rumored Iron Man, Black Panther Games

Marvel and Disney hosted a gaming showcase this week to share more info on their available and upcoming games, but outside of that event, people have been talking about two other rumored games: One featuring Iron Man, and one featuring Black Panther. Both of these games are supposedly in development over at Electronic Arts but have not yet been confirmed. Still, these latest conversations taking place online have perhaps given us a better idea of when we'll hear more about these games and in what order they might release.

Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb talked about the supposed Iron Man game late Friday night on social media after it was rumored to appear at the Disney event. Reiterating what other sources had said already, Grubb said the Iron Man title supposedly in the works at EA was the one he'd referenced previously when talking about the similarly unannounced Black Panther game. Grubb said people "shouldn't have to wait much longer to hear about it" in regards to the Iron Man game, but playing it will be a different story seeing how it's apparently still some time away.

He did add that this game is supposedly going to release before Black Panther, however, which is so-so news for Iron Man fans and not-so-great news for those who like Black Panther. The Iron Man fans will get this game first, if the rumors play out accordingly, but if they'll have to wait a while to play that one that's coming before Black Panther, the latter sounds like it's quite far away.

In a follow-up tweet, Grubb shared more information in reply to a (now deleted) tweet wherein he talked about the developers working on the game within EA. The new Iron Man game is supposedly EA Motive's next project after they finish up the Dead Space Remake that's coming out early next year while a group of developers who worked on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will supposedly be working on the Black Panther game.

These rumored projects are said to be standalone games unlike the ensemble game Marvel announced this week. That one features both Captain America and Black Panther as well as a soldier named Gabriel Jones and Wakandan Spy Network leader Nanali. The game does not yet have a title nor does it have any available info about release plans.