Jet Set Radio Spiritual Successor Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Announced

Developer Team Reptile has announced Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a game clearly inspired by Sega's Jet Set Radio series. Doubling down on wearing its inspiration on its sleeve, Team Reptile has recruited Hideki Naganuma for the game's soundtrack. Naganuma served as the composer of both Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future. And to accompany the game's announcement, the team has released the game's first-ever teaser trailer.

"Team Reptile brings you Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, 1 second per second of highly advanced funkstyle," reads an official pitch of the game. "In a world from the mind of Dion Koster, where self-styled crews are equipped with personal boostpacks, new heights of graffiti are reached. Start your own cypher and dance, paint, trick, face off with the cops and stake your claim to the extrusions and cavities of a sprawling metropolis in an alternate future set to the musical brainwaves of Hideki Naganuma."

For those that don't know: Team Reptile is the team behind Lethal League and Lethal League Blaze, two unconventional fighting games. So, this is a new direction for the team, though the art style remains consistent. Not only does Bomb Rush Cyberfunk look like Jet Set Radio, but it looks like it will play like it. And with Naganuma on the soundtrack, it should sound like it too.

At the moment of publishing, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has only been announced for PC, but it's safe to assume it will come to console as well. And according to Team Reptile, the game will debut sometime next year, 2021.


Below, you can continue to read more about Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, courtesy of an official rundown of its key features from Team Reptile itself:

  • In the game you can choose a character from your crew and explore the three-dimensional streets freely.
  • Each stage is a neighborhood that represents one time of day.
  • You can grind, slide, jump, trick and airdash to move around
  • The goal is to get your name up, your name up on the wall. Every stage has many spots to find where you can paint graffiti.
  • You will encounter a lot of weirdos.