Joe Manganiello Says He Would Be Arkhan in Dungeons and Dragons Movie

Dungeons and Dragons fans are still waiting on a film adaptation of their beloved roleplaying game that delivers on the promise of the franchise, and while a new reboot has been rumored at several points, fans are seemingly in for a bit longer of a wait. That said, there are plenty of amazing stories and other storytelling mediums to get your D&D fix, including shows like Force Grey and Critical Role. If you've watched those you've no doubt met Joe Manganiello's character Arkhan the Cruel, a red Dragonborn Antipaladin who quickly became a favorite amongst fans. The character has even made it into the official game and canon of D&D, and during an interview with Manganiello was asked if he would bring that character to life if he made it into the movie.

"(Laughs), well, I'll do his voice," Manganiello said. "I mean he should probably be CGI, but he was a man before he was transformed by Tiamat's magic, so I could maybe play him in like the beginning, but we'd have to switch out and go CGI. Maybe we get Andy Serkis, no I'm kidding, of course, yeah I would do it."

As for what the movie needs to be to become successful, Manganiello has a few thoughts on that as well.

"Yeah I think everybody wants to see it on screen but wants to see it done well, because it has been on screen before and people were not happy with it, so I think it's a matter of not only getting it going in some form but getting it going in a way that is going to be satisfying," Manganiello said. "Not only to the diehard fans but also to the mainstream that has grown to love things like Game of Thrones. That has grown to love things like Lord of the Rings. So you want to appease those fans. I always think 'what could I get my wife to go see', you know? My wife and I were glued to Game of Thrones every Sunday, so how do you create something that's going to capture everyone's imagination, not just the diehard fans."

"All you have to do for the diehards is make something cool," Manganiello said. "Make something that they're proud to say 'that's what I do. That's the thing I've been playing since I was a kid. That's all you have to do, and the rest of it is like just make a movie that my wife wants to go see."


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