Kevin Hart Reportedly Joining Borderlands Movie as Fan-Favorite Character

The upcoming Borderlands movie from director Eli Roth is reportedly looking at Kevin Hart for the role of Roland, the soldier who ended up playing a major role in the series after the first game. Borderlands players will recall him as one of the original playable characters from the original Borderlands, though he made appearances in other games as well considering how important he became in the Borderlands story. If the talks of Hart being considered for the role are accurate, this would be the second significant character from the Borderlands movie that has a star attached.

News of Hart’s supposed talks to be in the Borderlands movie comes from The Illuminerdi who cited unnamed sources with the discovery. The outlet described the listing for Roland in the Borderlands as a “decent man and grizzled veteran.”

From that brief description alone, it sounds like the role would be a departure from the comedic roles Hart is known for playing. Though Roland wasn’t cracking jokes as often as other characters were in the original Borderlands game, the series overall still has a certain humor imbued in it that Hart could fit into. The casting decision hasn’t been confirmed at this time though, so for now, the possibility of Hart being cast as Roland is limited to just talks and nothing more.

Those who played the original Borderlands will recall Roland being the archetypal soldier character as indicated by his subtitle. He was the go-to option for well-rounded, assault-oriented players who used the Scorpio Turret to fend off enemies and defend his team. Formerly a part of the Crimson Lance, he teamed up with the other playable Borderlands characters Brick, Mordecai, and Lilith to form the Crimson Raiders.

Though Roland was largely seen in a leader role in the first Borderlands game, it was Lilith, a love interest of Roland’s at times, who became more prominent in the later Borderlands games. Lilith will naturally be a big part of the Borderlands movie as well and just so happens to be the only character who’s actually got a star attached to the role at this time. It was announced back in May 2020 that Cate Blanchett would be playing the role of Lilith, though that’s the first and only casting announcement that’s been confirmed.


The Borderlands movie does not yet have a release date, and no other casting decisions have officially been announced.

Photo Credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage via Getty Images, 2K