Hostel Director Eli Roth Is Apparently Directing the Borderlands Movie

Eli Roth, the acclaimed director of horror films like Hostel, is apparently directing the upcoming [...]

Eli Roth, the acclaimed director of horror films like Hostel, is apparently directing the upcoming Borderlands movie that's in the works at Lionsgate. This news comes from Randy Pitchford himself who shared a tweet through his own personal Twitter account before deleting it, but not before people were able to screenshot it and spread the word. More about this movie will supposedly be shared during Gearbox's PAX East event taking place next weekend.

The tweet in question was shared by Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox, on Wednesday before being deleted. It included a photoshopped image combining Roth with the Borderlands aesthetic with some text that welcomed the director to the Borderlands family.

The fact that the tweet was deleted means the announcement must've gone up too early, but like most early announcements, it's been preserved online.

"I'm very excited to welcome Eli Roth as Director of the Borderlands movie in development with Lionsgate and Arad Production," Pitchford's deleted tweet read. "Please welcome @eliroth to the team and be sure to catch the @GearboxOfficial Main Theater Show at #PAXEast on 2/27 to learn more. #borderlandsmovie."

Roth is best known for torture porn films like Hostel and the horror hit Cabin Fever. Borderlands has a distinct style and sort of twisted humor to it, so while the pairing may seem odd at first, Roth could be an excellent fit for the project.

The Borderlands move was initially announced years ago, but news about it has been slim since then. Gearboxt traditionally has a strong presence at PAX – Borderlands 3 was officially announced during last year's PAX East after what felt like an eternity of teasers and rumors – so it makes sense that if news on a Borderlands movie were to be shared, it would happen at the upcoming event.

Even though there hasn't been much news on the movie lately, there has been at least some talk of who some people at Gearbox might want to play different roles in the film. Paul Sage, the creative director of Borderlands 3, pitched the idea of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson playing the role of Claptrap, the always ecstatic robot companion that joins players in each Borderlands game. That probably won't happen nor are we likely to hear many casting decisions in the coming week or so, but perhaps we will indeed learn more about the movie and get a confirmation about its supposed director.

H/T Kotaku