King of Tokyo Game Series Teases Third Installment

It appears that a third installment of Iello's popular King of Tokyo series is on the way. The board game publisher has a teaser up at their booth at Essen Spiel, hinting at a new setting that's not a heavily populated city. Instead, the display shows a monster standing on a desert island in front of a volcano. No other details were provided about the game, but the display appears to show off a new kind of token that represents smaller monsters that might be minions or bystanders on the island. 

King of Tokyo is a press your luck style game designed by Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield in which players battle for control of Tokyo with giant monsters. Each player controls a single kaiju-sized monster that grapples for control over Tokyo while scoring Victory Points. During each player's turn, a player rolls 6 specialized dice up to three times, choosing which dice to keep and which to roll before each re-roll. The dice rolls allow players to collect energy, deal out damage to other monsters, heal, and score victory points. The position of a player also determines which monsters get damaged. If a player is in Tokyo, their attacks damage all other monster, while each player outside of Tokyo only damages the monster within Tokyo. The game runs until a player scores 20 Victory Points or until one monster remains in the game. 

Iello has plenty of success with King of Tokyo over the years. In addition to the game winning multiple board game awards, it has also spawned a sequel game King of New York and several expansions that add new mechanics and new monsters. The most recent version of the game, King of Tokyo: Dark Edition, provided a collector's edition to fans along with a new mechanic that added a new Wickedness mechanic to the game. 

Expect to hear more details about this new installment of King of Tokyo in the not too distant future. Both King of Tokyo and King of New York are available for purchase at many local game stores.