Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC Trailer Revealed

The debut trailer for Kingdom Hearts III’s first DLC has been revealed to give players their [...]

The debut trailer for Kingdom Hearts III's first DLC has been revealed to give players their first look at Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind. First revealed during a Kingdom Hearts orchestra event so that some of the series' biggest fans could see the new trailer first, the full preview of the DLC was later released for everyone and can be seen above. It shows several interesting details about the DLC including the fact that you'll be able to play as both Riku, Aqua, and Roxas.

This DLC will be the first expansion of the story for Kingdom Hearts III players, and the trailer shows some scenes where you're able to control the three characters intertwined in Sora's story. Sora's also shown with a new outfit and Keyblade, and we see a couple of cryptic conversations between characters like Xigbar and Luxord, so players will have to find out what that's all about when the DLC releases. It doesn't have an exact release date yet, but it's scheduled to be out some time in the winter, according to the trailer.

It makes sense that the Kingdom Hearts III DLC trailer would be revealed in this way since the DLC itself was first announced during the orchestra tour during one of its earlier stops. After it was announced during the event with few other details to accompany it, the orchestra continued making its rounds until it landed in Los Angeles last night, the same location where E3 is taking place. It was a prime time to reveal the trailer, and it's probably not the last time that we'll see something on Kingdom Hearts this week.

Square Enix's E3 conference is scheduled to take place on Monday at 6 p.m. PT, and while it's already filling up with a few games that we know will be there, it's hard to imagine the event goes by without some Kingdom Hearts III appearance. Perhaps the trailer will just be shown there again like Square Enix did at last year's E3 event, though it'll hopefully bring more details for the DLC.

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC is scheduled to be out for all available platforms later this year in the winter.