New Kingdom Hearts Board Game Announced

The OP Games has announced a new co-operative board game set in the world of Kingdom Hearts. [...]

The OP Games has announced a new co-operative board game set in the world of Kingdom Hearts. Disney's Kingdom Hearts: Perilous Pursuit is a new board game that pits characters like Sora, Donald Duck, and Riku against waves of the Heartless. Players must work together to close off six worlds from the Heartless before the Heartless takes over two worlds. Gameplay involves collecting and assigning sets of dice, which allows players totake actions to protect their fellow heroes, create attacks on the Heartless, and collect potions to help them on their quest to seal the doors of all the worlds. Disney's Kingdom Hearts: Perilous Pursuit is billed as a "light strategy game," which makes it perfect for players looking for a tabletop game they can play with their friends without getting overwhelmed by too many rules.

Kingdom Hearts is a long-running games franchise that mixes the characters of various Disney properties with a mix of new characters and characters from Square Enix franchises like Final Fantasy. While only three "main" games have been released, Square Enix has also released a number of spin-off games that either tie the stories of the main games together or advance the plot in some way. The most recent Kingdom Hearts game, Kingdom Hearts III, was released in 2019 and the most recent spinoff game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory was released last year. Several tie-ins and future games are also planned, including a TV series under development for Disney+.

The OP Games has released several other Kingdom Hearts-themed games, including a version of Talisman featuring the heroes and villains of Kingdom Hearts. The board game publisher also recently released a RUBIK's Cube featuring Kingdom Hearts characters. The OP Games is best known for releasing various licensed versions of popular games like Monopoly and Clue, as well as other games that feature characters like Harry Potter, Spongebob, or the heroes of the Marvel and DC Universes.

Disney's Kingdom Hearts: Perilous Pursuit will be released this fall and will have a retail price of $29.99.