'Kingdom Hearts: VR' Release Date Revealed

Square Enix has announced that Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience will release on January 18, 2019 via [...]

kingdom hearts 3
(Photo: Square Enix)

Square Enix has announced that Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience will release on January 18, 2019 via the PlayStation VR.

Unfortunately, it isn't the type of Kingdom Hearts VR game you'd hope it would be. There's no Goofy in VR, at least not for now.

Rather, Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience is a music video that will be released in two parts: the first will come on January 18, while the second part will come sometime in the spring.

More an add-on than a game, Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience is a completely free music video that looks back on the history of the series.

It looks pretty strange, almost acid-trip like at times, and is probably only for hardcore fans of the series.

If you don't have a PlayStation VR or don't want to go through the hassle of figuring out exactly what this is, then you don't have to. It isn't additive to Kingdom Hearts III, which is likely already going to be taking up most of your early 2019.

At the moment it's unclear if Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience will ever come to other platforms, but seeming the only other VR platforms it could come to are on PC, it seems unlikely. After all, not even Kingdom Hearts III is coming to PC.

As you may know, Kingdom Hearts III once again stars Sora and his friends who have learned that their struggles so far have all been planned by Master Xehanort in his plot to start a new Keyblade War, and who continue their search for the seven guardians of light capable of standing against the darkness.

"King Mickey and Riku seek out Keyblade veterans from the past, while Sora, Donald, and Goofy begin a new odyssey across Disney worlds to claim the 'power of waking,'" adds a snippet from the game's official description.

Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is poised to release on January 29, 2019. At the moment of publishing this, there's been no word of a Nintendo Switch port nor a PC port.

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