Kirby and the Forgotten Land Sets Series Launch Record

Kirby and the Forgotten Land launched last Friday, and it seems the Nintendo Switch game is already off to a very strong start. According to head Christopher Dring, the game had the biggest retail debut the series has ever seen in the UK. Despite releasing at the end of the week, Forgotten Land was the top-selling physical game in the region, beating Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. Early sales have also made it the fifth best-selling game in the Kirby series so far. That said, Dring was quick to point out that Kirby has never been a huge seller in the UK, stating that the launch was slightly below Metroid Dread's debut.

Dring's Tweet reporting Forgotten Land's early success can be found embedded below.

It will be interesting to see what kind of longevity Kirby and the Forgotten Land has! Kirby Star Allies held the previous record for fastest-selling game in the series in the UK, but word-of-mouth surrounding Forgotten Land seems to be much stronger. The latter game released to strong critical reception, with many reviewers praising its new mechanics. Nintendo's first-party games have seen much stronger sales on Switch when compared to previous systems, so it's possible Forgotten Land could continue to set records. It's worth noting that Dring's stats only account for physical sales of the game; we don't know how well Kirby's latest adventure has sold digitally.

Unfortunately, software sales data tends to arrive much slower in North America than it does in other regions, so we could be waiting a bit longer to see how Kirby and the Forgotten Land has sold locally. However, the game has seen a lot of hype over the last week, and early sales in the UK are definitely a good sign!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Readers can check out all of our previous coverage of the game, including our review, right here.

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