Metroid Dread Is Already Breaking Franchise Sales Records

Metroid Dread hasn't even been out for a full week on Nintendo Switch, but it already looks like it could be the most successful entry in the history of the long-running franchise. Based on some early sales data that has now emerged from the United Kingdom, Metroid Dread is already well on its way to being a major achievement for Nintendo, which means that the series could end up coming back more regularly in the future. 

According to, Metroid Dread was the third best-selling game at retail this past week, making it the highest-grossing game in the history of the Metroid series. Although Metroid Prime ended up selling more copies overall in its first week of release back in 2002, the disparity between it and Metroid Dread was only around 1,000 copies. When taking into account digital sales of Metroid Dread, which aren't totaled here, it stands to reason that the game is already far past the week-one sales of Metroid Prime

Although it's currently unknown how Metroid Dread might be performing in other regions around the world, this public sales information from the UK is often reflected in other markets. As such, there is a fair chance that the game is quickly on its way to being the best-selling Metroid game in history. Currently, Metroid Prime is the entry in the series that holds this record. Given how high the install base of the Nintendo Switch is, though, it seems quite likely that Nintendo will be breaking Metroid sales records in an official capacity before long. 

If you haven't played Metroid Dread for yourself just yet, the game is currently available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Conversely, be sure to stay tuned to our coverage here on in the near future as we should have a review of the title to share soon enough.

How do you feel about Metroid Dread getting off to such a fast start in terms of sales? And do you think it means that we should expect to see more 2D Metroid titles like this in the future? Let me know either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.