Kojima Productions Developer Teases "Important News" Coming Tomorrow

It looks as though Kojima Productions could have some major news to share with fans this week. [...]

It looks as though Kojima Productions could have some major news to share with fans this week. According to a new potential tease from one prominent developer at the studio, the company founded by industry veteran Hideo Kojima could have some "important news" to share tomorrow on March 31st. However, it's unknown if this tease in question is associated with happenings at the studio or if it's related to something else entirely.

Mentioned on Twitter earlier today, Ludvig Forssell, who is the audio director at Kojima Productions, simply stated, "Important news tomorrow." The tweet was immediately met with a multitude of inquiries from fans who wanted to know what Forssell could be referring to. Obviously, many immediately jumped to the conclusion that Forssell was teasing something that could be tied to Kojima Productions. That being said, his tweet in mention never once stated that what he's teasing could involve his place of business.

Still, Forssell's message comes at a time where that has been a lot of rumors and reports circling around Kojima Productions. For months now, we have heard that the studio is intending to release a new version of Death Stranding for the PlayStation 5. This iteration wouldn't only be the original game upgraded for next-gen hardware, but it would also contain some new story content.

In addition, we've also heard in recent days that the next game as a whole from Kojima Productions could be revealed relatively soon as well. While it seems like a longshot for Forssell to be teasing an announcement of this magnitude, you never know what could be happening in the video game industry.

Obviously, if there is something major revealed tomorrow by Kojima Productions, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop on that information.

Do you expect to see any sort of announcement tomorrow from Kojima Productions? Or do you think this tweet from Forssell could be related to something else entirely? Give me your best guess either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.