The Last of Us HBO Show Will Bring Back Actors From Game

The upcoming HBO adaptation of The Last of Us will feature actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson who played Joel and Ellie in the video games. HBO and PlayStation have managed to mostly keep a tight lid on The Last of Us TV series. Although there have been leaks from the set of the show, it has largely just given fans a glimpse at how they're recreating the look and feel of the game, rather than spoiling any plot details or big moments. Of course, The Last of Us series is expected to largely follow the plot of the game, so it's hard to spoil something when everyone already knows what's going to happen.

Nevertheless, there will be some new additions to the game. During Summer Game Fest, series co-creator Neil Druckmann confirmed that two actors from the game will be starring in the show in new, but undisclosed roles. Druckmann also noted that these roles will not be simple cameos. Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie) will be starring alongside the real life versions of their digital counterparts, allowing them to bring something new to The Last of Us universe while Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey take center stage. It was also previously confirmed that Jeffrey Pierce, who played Tommy in the games, will also star in the show as a character named Perry. It's unclear who Baker is playing, but Twitter insider ViewerAnon stated that Johnson will be playing Ellie's mom, which would be pretty perfect casting. Ellie's mom is never seen in the games but is mentioned plenty of times, so it's expected she will appear in flashbacks made specifically for this show. Of course, their roles are officially under wraps so this could be untrue, but it would line up quite nicely.

A new look at The Last of Us was also shared during Summer Game Fest, giving fans a look at Ellie and Joel hiding from a Clicker. It already looks like an incredibly faithful adaptation and one that could easily rival the likes of other prestige television. Only time will tell how it turns out, but the show wraps production this week. With that said, it's likely we'll start to get official footage in the coming months ahead of its expected early 2023 premiere.

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