The Last of Us HBO TV Show Reveals New Castings

HBO's upcoming The Last of Us TV series has now added a number of new names to its ever-growing [...]

HBO's upcoming The Last of Us TV series has now added a number of new names to its ever-growing cast. In particular, three new actors were today revealed to have been joining the show, which is currently in the filming phase. And while none of these three characters are major ones within the grand scheme of The Last of Us, those familiar with the video game series should recognize some of these names.

As revealed by Deadline, The Last of Us has now brought aboard Jeffrey Pierce, Murray Bartlett, and Con O'Neil to the show's roster. These three new faces will join the mainline cast which includes Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie, and Gabriel Luna as Tommy. When it comes to how Pierce, Bartlett, and O'Neil will be fitting into this forthcoming series, though, they'll be having smaller roles by comparison.

As for who each is playing, O'Neil will portray a character seen directly in the original The Last of Us. Specifically, O'Neil will play Bill, who is a survivalist that is found in-game holed up in a city that is simply known as "Bill's Town". Bartlett will then play Frank, who is Bill's partner. Both of these characters were each seen in The Last of Us, although Frank was only ever seen later on after his death.

When it comes to Pierce, his inclusion in The Last of Us is the most intriguing of all. If Pierce's name sounds familiar, well, it's likely because he has already been attached to the property for quite some time. Pierce portrays Tommy in both The Last of Us and Part II. And while he won't be stealing Luna's thunder in the role this time around, he will instead be playing a rebel simply known as Perry. Pierce's addition to the cast is also the second instance in which someone who played a role in the video game series will be coming back for the show.

At this point in time, HBO still hasn't revealed when The Last of Us will be hitting the air. As mentioned, though, the show is currently in the filming process right now, meaning that a debut at some point in 2022 seems likely.

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