The Last of Us HBO Series Director Reveals Release Window

The upcoming The Last of Us TV series at HBO has been filming for the better part of the past year, but fans have yet to learn when the show will actually be debuting. While those at HBO have already made it clear that the series will not arrive within this calendar year, a more well-defined window for release has yet to be defined. Fortunately, thanks to a new statement from one of the directors that worked on The Last of Us, we now have a better idea of when we'll finally be able to watch the show. 

In a new interview, director Kantemir Balagov, who helmed the pilot episode of The Last of Us, indicated when the series will actually be premiering on HBO. While acknowledging that the show is still in the production process, Balagov said that, based on his own understanding, it's set to release "early next year." Beyond this, he also acknowledged how important it was for him to work on The Last of Us since the video game series that the show is based on "has a special place in my heart."

In a general sense, many fans already assumed that early 2023 would be the window in which The Last of Us would end up coming to HBO, but Balagov's statement here only confirms those estimations. Although it's hard to know what might constitute as "early," it seems likely that a premiere at some point between January and March of next year would be most feasible. 

In the near term, the thing that many fans are more focused on is merely seeing a trailer for The Last of Us. While there have been some images shared and plenty of leaks from the show's set, HBO itself has yet to actually show a teaser video of any sort for the series. As 2022 continues onward, though, it seems all-but-guaranteed that this first trailer will release at some point in the coming months. 

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