The Last of Us TV Show Report Leaks Ellie's Mom and Scenes Not From the Game

According to a new report, The Last of Us TV series on HBO will feature flashbacks that weren't in the original game and show the audience Ellie's mom. HBO has been working to adapt The Last of Us with series co-creator Neil Druckmann and Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin at the helm. The Last of Us is one of, if not the most beloved PlayStation franchises out there. Both games have been showered with critical praise for its cinematic storytelling, rich characters, and intense, brutal gameplay, making it ripe for a series on one of the biggest TV channels out there. Although we've only gotten a few teases from the show, a bunch of set photos have shown that it will be a rather faithful adaptation of Naughty Dog's beloved game.

With that said, the HBO show will reportedly be making some notable changes. According to reputable insider ViewerAnon, The Last of Us on HBO will feature flashback scenes that weren't in either of the games. Some of these will feature Ellie's mom, Anna, who is not visibly seen in the game. She is mentioned multiple times and Ellie even carries items that belonged to her mother with her, but she dies before the audience ever gets to meet Ellie. Due to the structure of TV, it seems like the show will take some liberties and allow the audience to spend some time with Ellie's mom. It's unclear if any of these flashback scenes will feature Joel before the outbreak or before the events of the main story.

It seems like HBO is doing a good job of staying faithful to The Last of Us while also expanding upon things we already knew existed, but never got to see unfold. It's unclear if the show will deviate from the games at any point, but so far, it looks like this will be a pretty inspired recreation of Naughty Dog's acclaimed series.

The Last of Us is expected to air on HBO in 2023.

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