Fan-Made League of Legends Skin Inspired by Alice in Wonderland is Beyond Perfect

Passive stacking, shield iterations, and more are all included in his epic concept design. Ropeter [...]

(Photo: Leon Ropeter)

Never underestimate the power of creativity in a community that is seriously passionate about the fandom they are in. We've seen some pretty amazing mashups, fan-creations, and revamps in the past but we've got to admit - this League of Legends concept art with an Alice in Wonderland twist is something we definitely wouldn't mind seeing in-game.

The latest fan-design comes from Art Station concept artist Leon Ropeter and his Chesire Cat Tahm Kench is nothing short of impressive. From the rabbit, to the Drink Me ward skins - the amount of detail put into this concept design is astonishing and we could easily see this as part of the actual game.

(Photo: Leon Ropeter)

Ropeter had the art style down pat, with perfect color choices and true-to-source design work. When he presented his latest project, he had this to say:

"I had this idea of a Cheshire Cat Tahm Kench for quite a while now, so I took an old sketch, improved the design by applying what i've learned in the meanwhile and thought about what the skills could look like. Also I did some Ward Skins that fit the Alice in Wonderland theme."

An alternate version of the skin seen at the top is also provided, definitely more chesire-like with the purple colouring - we almost expect him to tell us "we're all mad here."

(Photo: Leon Ropeter)

Passive stacking, shield iterations, and more are all included in his epic concept design. Ropeter definitely put a lot of thought into his design work, even for those that aren't necessarily fans of the Alice in Wonderland franchise can appreciate the level of detailing that went into this project and how far he went into the rabbit hole of his creativity.

I've got to admit, on a personal level the interest I have of using 'The River King' champion is next to nil but if Riot Games were to implement this design into the game for real? I just might consider a main change. Maybe with enough interest, they might give this rendition some serious thought!

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