Riot Games Gives Rough Timeline for Reworking League of Legends' AP Items

The rework of the AP items in League of Legends is still some time away, but Riot Games recently [...]

League of Legends Zoe

The rework of the AP items in League of Legends is still some time away, but Riot Games recently provided a very tentative schedule for when we might first see the changes.

In a recent discussion on the League of Legends boards, Riot Games' Maple Nectar responded to a couple of pre-Thanksgiving questions about different champions and contents schedules. One of these questions involved the upcoming overhaul for AP items that's been previewed in the past, and while they didn't give a precise date for when you'll see the AP changes, Maple Nectar did provide something to go off of.

"Confirm that we're working on it, but not confirming us to an exact timeline," Riot Maple Nectar stated. "Likely going to be around 8.03 give or take a few patches."

The Rioter doubled down on the rough timeline by repeating the comment in another answer that placed the rework somewhere within the first three months of the year. As for what they plan to do to the AP items during the rework, Maple Nectar added that they're "looking/hoping to both create new items and tune current ones to promote more decision making in the system" when reworking AP itemization.

This isn't the first time that a rework for AP items has been mentioned, but it does give a better idea of when the changes can be expected. If you were unaware of the AP item rework in the first place, you might've missed the discussion back in October when Riot Meddler addressed the topic on the League boards as well. The Rioter was discussing whether Rabadon's Deathcap was a worthwhile purchase or not and how the new runes would tie into AP itemization when he said that they're hoping to tackle some of the "structural" issues like a lack of diverse build options for AP champions. However, the AP items took a backseat to the more pressing preseason content.

"We're planning to do a pass on AP itemization sometime early in Season 8," Meddler said in October. "First priority will be getting pre-season stuff balanced and further polished, after that though we'll be looking at a few other things, AP items included."