League of Legends' Next Champion Rework Will Be Announced Soon

League of Legends players recently got the unique opportunity to vote for the next champion rework [...]

League of Legends players recently got the unique opportunity to vote for the next champion rework that'll befall one of the game's many existing characters. It's only the second time such an opportunity has been presented to the community, and with the votes being tallied since the time the polls opened, it won't be long now until we know which champion will receive the next update. Riot Games announced on Thursday that it'll reveal the winner of the community vote next week.

As part of the occasional Ask Riot posts that address different questions from the League of Legends community, Riot Games commented on the status of the next Visual and Gameplay Update planned for the League of Legends roster. Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, the Lead Producer on the Champions Team, said in the Ask Riot post that we'll know who the winner is next week, though an exact date for the announcement wasn't given.

"The poll results are nearly in, and we're excited to announce the winning champion—who'll receive the next VGU after Dr. Mundo—next week," Riot Reav3 said. "The winner of the thematic vote will also be revealed then."

The champions selected for this community vote are Udyr, Quinn, Shyvana, Nocturne, and Skarner. Both Shyvana and Nocturne were featured in the previous poll that ended with Fiddlesticks and Volibear each getting a rework, though the three newcomers to the poll may be able to overtake them again depending on who people want to see reworked.

As those who've been keeping up with news on the champion reworks will know, Dr. Mundo is next in line for a VGU. Plans to rework Dr. Mundo were first announced in Jun 2020 with periodic previews of the champion showing in-progress work on the update since then. Players will also recall that there was supposed to be a different champion reworked after Dr. Mundo, but that unknown champion was bumped back in the schedule which means the community-voted champion is now next in line after Zaun's madman.

"We ran into some unexpected delays and never really got started on the VGU we announced in September's Champion Roadmap," Riot Reav3 reminded players in the Ask Riot post. "As such, we decided to make good on our original promise, which was to let you all decide which champion we should update next."

Look for Riot Games' announcement next week to see which League of Legends champion will get reworked next.