League of Legends Is Updating Dr. Mundo

Riot Games’ next League of Legends rework will involve totally overhauling Dr. Mundo, the studio [...]

Riot Games' next League of Legends rework will involve totally overhauling Dr. Mundo, the studio announced. Dr. Mundo was among the champions nominated for a rework when players voted for both Fiddlesticks and Volibear to be updated and is now receiving his own Visual and Gameplay Update now that the two other champions have had their time. Riot warned that the plans for the update are still in early development though, so don't expect to see Dr. Mundo's reworked released onto Summoner's Rift until at least 2021. We'll see more champions released between now and then though, so players mains will at least have something else to look forward to while they wait for the champion's rework.

Dr. Mundo's eventual rework was confirmed at the end of the Champion Roadmap for June. Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, the lead champion producer for League, touched on the plans for the tanky champ's rework after going over some teasers for new champions we'll see in the future before Mundo's rework arrives.

"The next champion update will be none other than the Madman of Zaun himself, Dr. Mundo," Mireles said. "This project is very early in development and is scheduled for 2021, so expect to see a few more new champs in between the marksmen and Mundo."

The marksmen referenced above included a new marksman who's releasing later this year, one that laughs at danger and is described as a "thrill-seeker." The character sounds like it'll fit right in with others like Vayne and Kai'Sa, but we don't know much about it right now.

League of Legends Mundo
(Photo: Riot Games)

We won't have to wait long to hear more about Mundo even if the champion's actual rework won't be fully revealed and released for some time though. Mireles said there'd be a post dedicated to the Zaunite going up next week to show off some early explorations of the character's rework. The image above was shared alongside the announcement.

"The reason we're sharing so early is because we saw a strong positive reaction from players when we did the /dev blogs for Fiddlesticks and Volibear, so it's something we want to do for Mundo as well," Mireles continued. "We aren't going into any more detail on Mundo's VGU here, as we'll be releasing a full post next week that'll cover the super early exploration phase for his gameplay, narrative, and art."

Don't expect to have a full understanding of everything that's planned for Mundo by next week, but look forward to some insights into his redesign and his eventual rework's release.