League of Legends Gameplay Thoughts: LeBlanc

One of the most meta-defining picks of Season 7 has her head firmly planted on the chopping block [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

One of the most meta-defining picks of Season 7 has her head firmly planted on the chopping block for Patch 7.11, according to Meddler's weekly gameplay thoughts. LeBlanc has spent almost all of Season 7 as one of the champions to beat, especially after the emergence of the Gunblade Build over in the LPL that quickly changed the way she was played all across the world. Her power has been on display all throughout the Mid-Season Invitational, to the point where she is amongst the most banned champions in the event despite having a rather middling win rate.

"We got back to looking at LB this patch," Meddler said. "LB definitely needs work, she's been a problem since her update in pre-season. The changes we've been testing aren't hitting the mark at present however. We'll be looking at possible directions again next week. Apologies for ongoing lack of details on this one."

As of this moment, there are no changes on the PBE for LeBlanc, but in a later post it was mentioned that the changes would be appearing later in the patch cycle. What those changes will be, no one knows, but there's some speculation that LeBlanc may be receiving some changes to her passive, which has been the source of much of her power since she was last reworked. At the moment it easily outdamages all of her normal abilities and is the source of her extremely powerful wave clear. A nerf to it may well have a huge impact upon how well she can survive in the middle lane, as she is utterly reliant upon its strength as it stands. Just a light nerf to its damage could have cataclysmic repercussions for her lane phase, which would then, in turn, make her a weaker pick for the rest of the game.

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