'League of Legends' Updates Kayn's Transformation Passive

Riot Games released a set of extensive changes for Kayn on League of Legends’ PBE server which [...]

Riot Games released a set of extensive changes for Kayn on League of Legends' PBE server which changes how the champion transforms into one of his two possible final forms.

Kayn's passive is a particularly unique one in League of Legends since it allows him to transform permanently and receive different buffs depending on which form his picks. The form he transforms into is decided by what type of enemy he attacks, but that mechanic combined with different multipliers on the "experience" gained through his passive's orbs made it difficult at times to predict which form he'd receive.

To fix that clarity issue, Riot Games has updated Kayn's passive on the PBE. There's a chance the changes could be altered again seeing how the PBE server is there to test potential changes, but players can now test out Kayn's new passive that's been altered in the ways outlined below by League of Legends system designer Riot Rovient.

"Your progress towards transforming has now been separated from the type of champion you attacked," the Rioter said about Kayn's changes. "General violence against any enemy champion fills the transformation bar using the existing time-based multipliers to ensure you get a transformation quicker as the game goes on. However, once the bar is filled, we check what percentage of your damage was directed towards ranged or melee champs. This damage percentage does not have time-based multipliers applied to them, so is more predictable and understandable for players."

Other clarity improvements include a color tint change that'll show which transformation Kayn is leaning towards as he fills up his passive's resource. Kayn players will also be able to ping their form bar to indicate to their allies how close they are to transforming as well. If players unlock the non-preferred form first, they can still acquire the other transformation orbs before transforming which will help get that form quicker. Kayn does have to acquire more orbs to transform as part of these changes though with the total amount of points needed being raised to 500 as opposed to 400.

The bulk of Kayn's changes dealt with his passive, but two more of his abilities as well as a bug affecting his Soulhunter form were also addressed in the notes. The changes aren't guaranteed to ship to live servers though, but they can all be seen detailed in the tweet above.