League of Legends Reveals First Bel'Veth Gameplay Trailer

League of Legends has finally given eager fans their first look at gameplay footage featuring Bel'Veth, which is the latest champion joining the long-running MOBA. Developer Riot Games formally unveiled the 160th champ in LoL at the end of last week via a new cinematic trailer. Now, thanks to a new video that has been released, we have a better idea of how Bel'Veth will actually play in-game. 

As seen in the brief video that you can find below, we were shown more about how Bel'Veth's kit will actually function in League of Legends. Although we haven't had a full breakdown of her abilities just yet, Bel'Veth seems to have AP-scaling powers and also boasts a fair bit of attack speed. She also has abilities in her kit that allow her to knock up opponents to go along with a dash and a form change that seemingly can occur when killing an enemy. Essentially, it looks like she'll have elements of Viego's kit packed in with her own. 

All in all, Bel'Veth looks like one of the more unique champs that Riot has brought to League of Legends in quite some time. Not only can she transform into a gargantuan monster, but to give her AP abilities and a high amount of attack speed is also pretty unusual. For the most part, there aren't a lot of champions in the game that are meant to be built with both AP and attack speed in mind. As such, Bel'Veth should join a small pool of characters that are meant to be built in this manner. 

Again, there's still a lot we have left to learn about Bel'Veth overall, but those details should be coming soon. Based on what we currently know, Bel'Veth should become playable in LoL later this week via the game's PBE iteration. Her own formal release into League of Legends should then transpire in early June. Whenever we learn more about what Bel'Veth will have to offer in LoL, we'll keep you in the loop here on ComicBook.com.