League of Legends Merch Teaser Hints at a Kindred Collectible

Riot Games Merch shared a new teaser for a League of Legends product that almost certainly must be [...]

Kindred Merch Teaser
(Photo: Riot Games Merch)

Riot Games Merch shared a new teaser for a League of Legends product that almost certainly must be a Kindred collectible.

As it often does, the Riot Games Merch Facebook Page shared a teaser for the upcoming product in the form of an image. Posted to the Facebook page just days ago was the image above, one that prominently features a green frog like you'd find hopping around League's jungle.

But while the frog may have been the part that the Facebook page was focusing on, the top-right corner was the part that caught most players' eyes. We don't get to see much of the collectible, but that definitely looks like one of Lamb's feet hanging down off the rock.

Commenters tried to press Riot Games for more details about what the collectible might be, but Riot Games was having none of it and instead replied mostly with frog stickers. There's still the question of whether it'll be a figure that costs around $20 or a more expensive statue of Kindred, and that'll likely be the deciding factor for many League players on whether they'll be buying whatever it is or not. A date of March 27 and a time of 11 a.m. PT was provided in the post though, so whatever Riot Games has planned will be revealed on that date if not through additional teasers in the meantime.

But even though Kindred is the most obvious teaser being shown in the image, many League players took note of another possibility, albeit a less likely one. The frog (or duck, if you're in on that League joke) that's shown to the left in the image stands out quite a bit for it to be just a prop. This has led some to speculate whether this means that Tahm Kench is also getting a collectible, a river-faring champion who's called a frog from time to time. Tahm Kench has been called both a catfish and a frog as well as many hurtful names due to his ability to completely put an end to opponents' plays, but whatever you prefer to call him, he'd make for an excellent collectible. He doesn't have a figure or anything yet, so while it's less likely that he's being teased as opposed to Kindred, we can always hope.

Riot Games is expected to reveal more information about the collectible(s) that are being teased on March 27.