'League of Legends' Plans Partial Ranked Reset for This Week

League of Legends players who have been following along with the changes can expect to see a [...]

League of Legends players who have been following along with the changes can expect to see a partial ranked reset take place later in the week that'll affect certain players' progress on the ranked ladder. The change comes after Riot Games announced it would be bringing the position rank previews to an end and told players that a partial ranked reset would come soon to resolve issues players reported involved gained and lost LP and the overall quality of matchmaking.

If you're a player who thinks you've been unjustly put in Silver or a similar rank and believe this partial rank reset might be your way out, the terms of this reset might not be what you're hoping for. It only applies to players who are either ranked at Diamond or above, so everyone in Platinum and below won't notice any change after Riot Games rolls out the ranked update in Patch 9.6 that's scheduled to release on March 20th.

"We're planning to do the reset alongside Patch 9.6 which will be early morning on March 20 for Riot regions and March 21 for Garena regions," senior experience designer Ed "SapMagic" Altorfer said on the League of Legends boards. "We're doing some final testing this weekend—if we encounter any major bugs, we'll update this post accordingly."

No updates have been shared during the weekend to alert players or any major bugs, so it appears the ranked reset will go forward as planned. In the same post that announced the date for the reset, the Rioter broke down how the changes will affect players depending on their ranks.

How will the reset work?

  • Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger players become Master 0 LP
  • Diamond players demote by one division, floored at Diamond IV
  • You keep rewards, but they'll match your new rank
  • Grandmaster and Challenger lock until March 27 and April 3, respectively

Diamond players' promotion series status won't be affected by the change, so if you're about to advance to the next division or tier and get bumped down, you'll still be poised to move up a rank. If you're already in Diamond IV, you won't be bumped down to Platinum but will instead have your LP reset to zero.

League of Legends' partial ranked reset is scheduled to occur on March 20th when a new update is released.