'League of Legends' Position Ranks Are Ending Next Week

After hearing League of Legends players’ feedback and exploring options, Riot Games has decided to end the position rankings that were introduced at the start of the season.

In an update on the state of League’s ranked system which was shared last week, Riot Games responded to players’ qualms about position ranks and said it was considering bringing the preview of the new ranked format to an end. It wasn’t the first time Riot Games had addressed the situation with Rioters like Ed “SapMagic” Altorfer sharing updates on the ranked mode periodically, but in the latest update, Riot Games said it plans on ending the position rank previews.

“Since the beginning, we vowed to develop this feature with you and promised we would roll it back if you weren’t enjoying it,” Riot SapMagic said. “We stand by that promise, so on March 13 we’re ending the position ranks preview in North America and Korea and discontinuing the rollout of position ranks globally.”

For players who have already been climbing the ranked ladder, the Rioter explained what will happen to ranks they’ve already achieved across the new positional system. To start, the end of the position rank previews will cause players to have their highest position rank preserved to be their sole rank.

“Your highest position rank becomes your new rank,” the update explained. “We’ll preserve your rank, LP, and promotion series status and progress. If your highest rank is provisional, it will carry over with the same number of games remaining.”

All rewards such as Ranked Armor and the rewards players would’ve earned during the current split will be retained as well with no progress lost. When determining Promotion Helper eligibility, the highest rank players achieved will be used as reference.

Players higher up on the ranked ladder will also experience a partial rank reset later this month. Bugs affecting the ranked system caused some players to climb higher than normal, so Riot Games is currently targeting late March to partially reset Diamond and above.

“Instead of leaving the ladder in its current state for a large chunk of the season, we’re going to perform a partial ladder reset in all regions in late March for players in Diamond and above,” Riot said. “While we’re currently targeting late March, we need to thoroughly test our approach or we could risk introducing new problems. Once we have a firm date, or if we need to adjust the timing, we’ll share the details with you.”

Full details on how that ranked reset can be found here, but expect the position ranks to come to an end on March 13th.



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