League of Legends Reveals New Spirit Blossom Skins

Speculation about which League of Legends champions would get the next Spirit Blossom skins has come to an end now that Riot Games officially revealed a total of 10 new skins. Nine different champions will receive these cosmetics with one of them, Master Yi, getting a base Spirit Blossom skin as well as a Prestige Edition variant. The skins were revealed as part of the latest PBE update which means that those who frequent the game's test servers will now be able to try out the skins before they officially come to live servers.

Prior to this full reveal, we knew only of Sett getting a Spirit Blossom skin as he'll apparently be the main focus of sorts during this latest Spirit Blossom saga. Joining Sett will be Aphelios, Syndra, Evelynn, Master Yi, Tristana, Yorick, Soraka, and Darius. The PBE previews of these skins can be seen below with all of them shown off.

For those who saw the first teaser and heard talks of different spirits related to various ideas like "Pity" and "Freedom," a separate thread shared on another of League's social accounts spelled out exactly which champions correlate with the different Spirit Blossom personas. That same thread also contained the splash arts for the skins for those who want to see the art pieces in full.

Some of the guesses players put forth when seeing the teaser for the new Spirit Blossom lineup included speculations that Bard and Vex would be among those who'd get new skins. That proved not to be the case, but some of the picks included in this second wave of skins like Aphelios, Soraka, and Master Yi shouldn't be too surprising given their popularities across different skill tiers. Others like Yorick and Evelynn, however, are the more surprising additions to the Spirit Blossom families, but they're welcome ones regardless for those who main the champions.

Riot Games has not yet confirmed a release time for these new skins, but expect them to be released around two weeks from now with a larger Spirit Blossom event probably accompanying them as well.