League of Legends Survey Shows Which Types of Players Are Most Toxic

A couple thousand League of Legends players took part in an unofficial survey recently to see what [...]

A couple thousand League of Legends players took part in an unofficial survey recently to see what types of people played League and what they thought about different parts of the game. Amid questions about things like Summoner's Rift and whether people played ranked or not, there was of course the question about in-game toxicity. The survey asked players how easily they get tilted and what kinds of champions and players they find most frustrating, and the results aren't too surprising.

According to the survey results which were shared on the League subreddit by a user named Clanaria, people who play Slayer champions tend to be pretty toxic. If you're not up to speed on the various champion classes, Slayers are classified as both Assassins and Skirmishers. These are your Akali and Shaco players, the Master Yis and Yasuos in your games who want to kill enemy champions no matter what and throw down those question mark pings to challenge every decision their team makes.

Over 25% of the players surveyed classified Slayers as "Extremely Toxic." On the other end of the spectrum are the Controller champions, specifically the Enchanters. This champion class includes picks like Janna, Sona, Soraka, and Lulu who tend to stick beside there damage-dealing champions and support them in different ways. Supports always have the potential to get flamed if the team thinks they're not being supportive enough, but it seems like they aren't the ones doing the flaming.

"Slayers, both Skirmishers and Assassins, were the most toxic group, scoring 26% 'extremely toxic,'" the analysis of the results in the infographic said. "When combining the 'toxic' group with 'extremely toxic,' Skirmishers topped out at 55% and Assassins 52%. In short, the majority for both of these two classes were in general, toxic."

Players were also asked to be honest about their own negative habits by volunteering information about which toxic actions they may have participated in. These could include anything from ragequitting to just using pings to bother people. Unsurprisingly, the action most people admitted to was annoying teammates with pings. The toxic category with the fewest admissions was wintrading.

The information presented in the survey results came from 3,784 respondents which is admittedly just a sliver of the millions of players who play League, but the sample is something most players would probably agree with if asked. To see more information about toxicity and other topics, you can check out the original post.