League of Legends' Urgot Won't Kill Himself With Purge in Patch 7.20

The recent rework of League of Legends’ Urgot put the champion in a much better spot, but a fix [...]

Butcher Urgot
(Photo: Riot Games)

The recent rework of League of Legends' Urgot put the champion in a much better spot, but a fix coming to one of his abilities will make the Dreadnought hurt enemies more than himself.

Urgot's Purge, his W, is his core ability that allows him to dish out continuous damage to enemy champs. His other abilities revolve around the move to set enemies up exactly where he wants them, but Purge is the bulk of his damage that sets off his explosive knees that his passive grants. However, those that bring Urgot to the top lane might've noticed that when champions buy Bramble Vest and later turn it into a Thornmail, Urgot does more damage to himself with his Purge than he does to his opponents.

With the way that Urgot's W currently works, it deals on-hit damage, albeit at a reduced amount. Each one of the many shots from his Purge deal 33.3 percent damage to enemies, but the damage reflection from Bramble Vest, Thornmail, and Rammus' W all reflect back the full damage amount to Urgot. That leads to quite a bit more damage per attack being reflected back to the reworked champ, and though it isn't exactly bursting Urgot down, it's not doing him any favors.

"In 7.20 we're planning to make a change where Urgot's W treats damage reflection as an on hit as well," Riot Meddler wrote in a Gameplay Thoughts update. "That means that, in addition to reducing Urgot's on hits on other to 1/3, his W will also reduce damage reflection he takes to 1/3."

In addition to this change, Bramble Vest also has several changes coming a bit sooner that will lessen the effectiveness of the item for early-game matchup. Those nerfs are currently on the PBE and will likely rollout in the next patch assuming they're viewed as healthy changes.

The change for Urgot's ability won't ship until Patch 7.20 though, so Urgot mains will have to wait just a bit longer until changes to the champ's Purge ship.



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